Information security policy
The protection of personal data and privacy to create trust for customers is a very important issue for us. Therefore, we will use the information related to you in compliance with the content of the strict privacy policy. We only collect the necessary information related to the purchase and sale on the website.

Collection & Possession of information
– Your personal information will be collected by us via orders you fill out and send via the website, email, or phone orders. We have full ownership and use of this information for the purposes of your purchase.

Use the information
– Your personal information will be completely confidential by us, not publicly on the web, and not transferred to third parties for use. This information may only be forwarded to security or investigative authorities if in the event that you violate the law and state agencies submit a request to cooperate with us to gain access to this information.
– We will use the information you have provided to facilitate order processing, provide the services and information requested through the website and at your request. In addition, we also use this information to send you new services and products of our company, to better serve you.

Information cancellation
– When you receive new service announcements from us, you can request to stop sending emails to you by replying to the email we have sent, or by phone directly to our company. me to request removal or removal of your information from our system.