Children eat oats, parents should note what?

The bird’s nest with high nutrition brings many benefits for the development of young children, while also helping children increase resistance and eat well. However, when processing bird nests for babies, the mother should note the following basics for maximum effectiveness of swallow nest.

1. What are the uses of bird’s nest for young children?

Since ancient times, our fathers have known the extremely valuable use of bird’s nest – a food made from crystallization between heaven and earth and creation.

According to ancient documents, bird’s nest has a sweet taste, calmness, nourishment, enhances health, brain, so it is suitable for all subjects, especially the elderly, pregnant women and children.

According to research by the Institute of Biotechnology of the National Center for Natural Science and Technology, in the swallow nest, there are 44-55% non-fat protein, 18 amino acids such as Aspartic acid, Serine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Valine. , Arginine … with more than 31 essential vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, bird’s nest brings the following effects:

  • 8.6% content of Syalic acid and Tyrosine in the composition of swallow nest has the effect of quickly recovering damage from being contaminated with toxic substances.
  • Bird’s nest helps stimulate the rapid growth of red blood cells, strengthens the immune system, helps children resist the harmful factors from the external environment, significantly reduces the condition of colds, dermatitis in children. you.
  • Strengthen brain development, help children smart, agile.
  • Strengthen resistance and immune system, stimulate the production of red blood cells.
  • Nutritional supplements, minerals and essential vitamins for the body.
  • Helps regenerate skin, helps skin healthy, reduces allergic phenomena, dermatitis in children.
  • Stimulate the digestive system, help children eat well, sleep well, improve anorexia, laziness in children.
  • Calcium and vitamins are needed to enhance resistance, support growth stimulation, regenerate deep sleep and combat the dangers of respiratory diseases, support height development, and help strengthen bones.
  • Manganese, copper, aluminum and zinc help stabilize the baby’s nerves and enhance memory.

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