Benefits of Edible Birds Nest you may not know

1. Overview of the uses of the ingredients in bird’s nests
1.1 Supplement, enhance health
Salanganes’Nest contains 45-55% non-fat protein capable of helping to nourish, improve health, boost the immune system Reduce human risk of disease, improve longevity.

1.2 Stability of digestive system
Manganese and zinc content in bird’s nest are very good for digestion and absorption of users. In addition, 2.09% amino acids help stimulate the digestive system, increase the absorption of nutrients in the intestine to help appetite, increase nutrient absorption, very good for the elderly, young children and cases of digestive disorders.

1.3 Regulating blood pressure and heart rate
Thanks to the content of Protein, Acid Vaselin, Serine, … so the effect of bird’s nest is to lower cholesterol in the blood, thereby supporting heart function, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, okay regulate blood pressure, improve the heartbeat, help regulate and stabilize blood pressure in people with hypertension.

1.4 Strengthen the brain
Thanks to the chromium minerals, selenium is good for the brain, improves memory, aids in reducing stress and mental stress. In addition, the amino acid Phenylalanine has the ability to increase the amount of neurotransmitters that help nourish the brain, enhance memory, very good for the forgetful, working people, children in the age of go to school.

1.5 Enhancing the physiology of
Salanganes’Nest with 11.4% L-Arginine good effect for men, helps regulate sexual function, enhance physiological activities, enhance sex for both men and women.

1.6 Anti-aging and beautiful skin
Threonine in bird’s nests is known as the active ingredient in the formation of Elastine and Collagen that helps to reduce aging, maintain skin and balanced physique.

Ingredients of collagen with high content in bird’s nests support the recovery of muscles, tissues and skin, helping the skin become more smooth and elastic, making the skin naturally beautiful.
2. The use of bird’s nest for each different object

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