People with stomach pain, high blood pressure should drink plenty of bird’s nest?

According to statistics, currently our country has a lot of people with high blood pressure, stomach pain, especially focused on the elderly and the office world. People with this condition often need special diets to maintain stability. So many people are concerned about eating nutritious foods like bird’s nests. Here, we will give a few information about the high blood pressure, stomach ache get oats.
1. Salanganes’Nest use and drink much good?
1.1 Uses of bird’s nest
Thanks to 45-55% non-fat protein, 18 amino acids, more than 31 vitamins, essential minerals in the composition of nutrients, bird’s nest are very good for health and suitable for most groups of subjects. If you use bird’s nest or bird’s nest regularly will help you to improve health and prevent and limit many diseases.

Bird’s nest soup is especially good for the elderly in general, especially those who need to recover from illness, surgery, thanks to 5.27% Proline, 4.69% aspartic acid. tissue and muscle growth, cell regeneration, increasing the amount of red blood cells in the blood, stimulating cell growth, restoring damaged cells, improving the skin, keeping youthful forever.

Especially Syalic Acid and Tyrosine help to quickly recover the body of cancer patients after radiation therapy, chemotherapy, patients after surgery (especially for the lungs and kidneys). Therefore, the supplement of nutrients from bird’s nest to the patient is essential.

1.2 So, is it good to drink bird’s nest soup?
The answer is not good, but it will be wasted because our body only absorbs a sufficient amount of nutrients, so you should use bird’s nest soup in the right dosage that has been researched, so that the body is better.

The first month: Every day use 1 cup of about 5 grams, should use about 150 grams of oats / month.
2nd month onwards: Should be used once a day regularly about 6-7grams, should use about 100grams of oats / month.
However, bird’s nest or bird’s nest is not a medicine, so it does not have the healing function as rumors. Besides the addition of bird’s nest to the diet, you should follow the regular medical examination and scientific diet so that bird’s nest will promote its effects.

2. Patients with stomach pain should drink plenty of bird’s nest?

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